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Casa Colina

ArtWorks and Price Hill Will collaborated to create a mural in the round at 821 Purcell Avenue. Inspired by the Latinx community of Price Hill, this mural project represents the vibrancy of the culture influence in the neighborhood. Community engagement was built into all stages of the project from creative direction, artist selection, youth apprentice employment, and dedication celebration. Batres Gilvin, an artist collaborative made up of Art Academy and UC DAAP graduates Bradly Gilvin and Karla Batres Gilvin, led the project. Batres Gilvin are artists, educators, and community arts facilitators who emphasize accessibility and inclusivity.
Designer: Karla Batres & Bradly Gilvin (Batres Gilvin)
Project Manager: Batres Gilvin
Location: 821 Purcell Avenue Cincinnati, OH 45205
Youth Apprentices: Kyle Casey, Tana’ra Heard, Neema Kidoge, Matin Bamba, Angela Ramirez, Bailey Rawsthorn, Miles Brueggemeyer, Lyle Casey, Marisa Middleton
Mural Generously Funded By: The Ladislas and Vilma Segoe Family Foundation, First Financial Bank
Additional Support from: ArtWorks, Price Hill Will, ArtsWave, City of Cincinnati, Ohio Arts Council, Procter and Gamble
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