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Anna Petersen


My name is Anna Petersen. I’m an artist living and crafting in the Ohio Valley. Born and raised in Cincinnati, I left home to pursue an education at the Columbus College of Art & Design. After graduating in 2013 and receiving a Bachelor’s degree in Fine Arts, I was brought on as an artist for Optic Nerve Art Corp., a company that specializes in creative environmental installations. They’ve provided me with many opportunities to learn new skills, collaborate with other artists, and travel to places I’ve never been.

Since moving back home to Cincinnati, I’ve managed to amass an arsenal of tools and set up my own workshop. In between jobs with Optic Nerve, I’ve been developing my own personal projects and establishing myself as a freelance maker. I currently also work as the Technical Director for the theatre at Milford Highschool. I’m proficient in a broad spectrum of skills, from welding and woodworking, to costuming and faux finishes.

Anna Petersen
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